What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a natural, non-invasive holistic therapy applied to reflexes
in the hands and feet. By applying pressure to these specific reflexes, we are able to restore the body's natural balance, maintain its equilibrium, oxygenate cells and help clear congestion within our bodies.

  • Reduce stress and restore balance
  • Relieve tension, increase blood circulation and nerve supply
  • Maintain a good overall health and encourage a healthy immune system by releasing toxins and blockages from within your body.
Debra MacFadyen
Debra MacFadyen established Awakened Soles Reflexology in 2004 after graduating from Centennial College's Reflexology Certification Program.

A natural healer with a strong dedication to holistic therapy, Debra created Awakened Soles Reflexology to help relieve pain and educate the public on holistic healing techniques and their unique benefits.

Awakened Soles Reflexology offers a distinctive approach to holistic therapy. Offering one on one treatments as well as hands-on workshops.

Debra's mission is to provide wellness, education and pain relief - ultimately helping you balance your life and well-being.

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