Reflexology Treatment

Harmonize your body and soles with our signature reflexology treatment. This treatment focuses on deep foot massage and is a holistic therapy. During your treatment you will be assessed to determine any imbalances or blockages in the flow of energy in your body. Just relax, while you detoxify your body, relieve stress and increase circulation.

Hand & Forearm Treatment

Our hands and forearms are vital and precious, and because of their endless use, they are vulnerable to more wear and tear than any other part of the body. During your treatment we will work to relieve strain and repair damage caused by daily use. Find out how to add this spectacular treatment to your reflexology treatment.

Releaxation Scalp Massage

Add the relaxation of our Relaxation Scalp Massage Therapy to your Reflexology Treatment. This holistic treatment encourages the body to release blockages that inhibit the body's natural, self-correcting abilities. Using a rhythmic light touch, we are able to locate pressure on the nerves that are referring pain elsewhere in the body – known as 'trigger points'- encouraging natural healing, and pain relief.

Did you know?

We also offer:
  • Corporate Workshops
  • Couple's Workshops
  • Mom & Tot Workshops

Need a reason to get the girls together? Looking for an engaging corporate event? Why not host a workshop?

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